If you’re planning to lay any kind of concrete, you’ll need some form of reinforcement. A concrete kerb stone is one of the most common types you’ll see, and it’s used to prevent your driveway from caving in. It usually consists of a series of concrete blocks arranged in a semicircle, with rebar reinforcing running through them. This stops the blocks from crumbling, and your driveway stays strong!

Kerbing is a paving design used to demarcate a footpath or driveway from a road or other space, such as a garage or garden, and to direct the flow of pedestrians. They are used to delineate the edge of the road and to delineate the footpath. They are also used to delineate the pedestrian crossing. They designed to provide a strong, clean edge, while also acting as a convenient and highly visible stepping stone to navigate the space.  It is the practice of using concrete or asphalt to mark the edge of a road. Kerb stones are the small concrete blocks that are placed at the edge of the road.

Kerb paver stone is a relatively new concept, which has only been in existence for a few decades. The first kerbs were simply cobblestones or boulders that were set in the road. Over time, these were replaced with larger concrete blocks, which are much stronger and more effective. However, these blocks were also much sharper, which was dangerous for pedestrians and cyclists.